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UN.DONE: Rewilding

Sexual Liberation in the Mayan Jungle
February 18-23,2022


Layers upon layers of socially conditioned ideas of who we think we are supposed to be,

Overlay that which lies at the root of our natural being.



Wild women.

Uninhibited + free we flow.

Like thick liquid through time + space.

Yet how do we remember to reconnect to this more juicy way of being?



Are you ready to immerse yourself into the lush jungles of Tulum to rediscover who you are + the embodied, sensual freedom you’ve been seeking?



Welcome to Un.done.


Where we undo the negative stories and messages from our past about our bodies, about being in our sensual +sexual expression, about what it means to be safe, about being among other women. In this intimate retreat setting we will learn about who we are as sensual, sexual beings to create our own brand of sexy, liberated, wild women.

Your Journey Begins Here... 


In nature… At the core of who you are: Innocent. Sovereign. Wild. Free. 


In the jungle you get to meet yourself: your true nature, your wild woman, your warrioress, your jaguar, your sex kitten, your most untamed, unapologetic you. 


The moment you say YES to yourself, you begin to undo the voices and stories of anything that isn’t you. Who are you outside of your usual day-to-day role? The business woman, mother, partner, teacher, caretaker... 


Let’s take the masks, the pressures and the labels off. Sister- it’s time to undo. 


This retreat is your time for you. 


You and your body.

You and your voice.

You and your desires.

You and your pleasure + orgasms. 

You and your most Radiant + Turned On + Embodied Self. 



Join us for an unforgettable 6-day Immersive Retreat where you will Reclaim + Redefine your relationship with your Body, Sexuality, Orgasms + Desires through a holistic science-backed approach to health + healing.

Enjoy this Incredible Transformative Experience in Mexico’s Top Wellness Destination 


The beachside town of Tulum is a sanctuary of spiritual energy, rich history and natural wonder. This picturesque paradise has everything you need in a dream destination: delicious cuisine, exquisite views, unique cultural experiences, eco-chic luxury, buzzing nightlife… 


Let the magic of Tulum sweep you off your feet! 


Picture yourself… 

  • Waking up everyday in the luxury and comfort of our private retreat center + your home away from home tucked away in the wild, lush Mayan Jungles 

  • Rejuvenating your body with yoga & self-care in an open-air shala surrounded by nature 

  • Unwinding in some of the most pristine private beaches in the world & bathing in glimmering turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea

  • Activating your inner sex kitten with experiential exercises designed to unlock the body armor + come into your fullest expression

  • Expanding your mind with Mexico’s rich indigenous culture + ceremonies.

  • Adventuring Tulum’s breathtaking famous cenotes (natural sinkholes and caves filled with fresh water). The Mayans considered Cenotes to be an entrance to their "underworld" where the gods and spirits resided.

  • Connecting with the land & traditional Mayan culture through Shamanic practices like the Temazcal sweat lodge 

  • Feeling more embodied, empowered, and in love with yourself more than ever before!









In this intentionally curated six-day retreat, you will: 

  • Reconnect with your body & rewire your nervous system with daily yoga and cathartic movement practices 

  • Unlock rigidity, self-consciousness + inhibitions in a safe container where you are fully supported by your guides and retreat sisters 

  • Deepen the relationship with your body + your 🐱 through somatic + self-massage practices that bring her ALIVE

  • Identify your pleasure blocks & learn how to expand your pleasure potential through breath, sound and movement practices 

  • Drop into your body through dance + guided ecstatic journeys that unleash your authentic expression

  • Come into greater levels of self-love and acceptance, transforming the way you relate to your body 

  • Learn tools to regulate your nervous system + empower yourself over past trauma

  • Embody the art of SURRENDER that you may hold deeper levels of pleasure 

  • Expand your orgasmic potential with an exploration into the blocks to orgasm + practices to supor their activation + expansion

  • Take pleasure into your own hands with self-care practices like breast massage and pleasure meditations 

  • Practice more clear, empowered and embodied communication practices so you can easily communicate your fears, boundaries, needs and desires in your daily life 

  • Discover your Erotic Map: your personal blueprint of pleasure 

  • Unlock the conditioning + blocks in your voice through professional voice activation

  • Get sexy with your sisters for a transformative + empowering Boudoir Shoot 

  • Leave with an integrated plan of how to maintain maximum pleasure, freedom and embodiment in your everyday life




       Our Private Wild Women’s Sanctuary in the heart of the jungle.

During our 6-day journey, we have private access to this cozy retreat center nestled away in the heart of the Mayan jungle where you can re-wild in the elements (while also enjoying the comfort you deserve.) 


Hosted at an eco-friendly private yoga retreat and holistic healing center, situated in the mystical Mayan jungle alongside the finest cenotes on Earth. Enjoy the serenity of nature and comfortable boho-chic rooms, complete with a huge open-air yoga shala and plenty of places to sit, relax and enjoy the ambiance. 


Nourish your body with homemade organic meals fresh from the gardens, lovingly prepared by local master chefs. 


Desire some good self-care + body work? Yes please! 

Enjoy the opportunity to schedules sessions with available practitioners.


What’s Included 

  • Pre-retreat Preparation Call 

  • 5 Nights of Accommodation. Check in on 2/18 and Check out on 2/23. 

  • Daily organic meals 

  • All Retreat Activities & Materials 

  • Gift bags with sensual products

  • Group Boudoir Photoshoot 

  • Excursions & Cultural Activities:

    • Cenotes 

    • Temazcal (Traditional Mayan Sweat lodge)

    • Beach exploration


* We can also help you book massages, and other on-site healing services for an additional cost 


*Not included is airfare, airport transportation, tipping and extra activities. 

Early Bird Pricing- Save $150 Until October 31

Triple occupancy (3 twin beds)- $1950 

Double (2 double beds)- $2150 

Single (1 King or Queen bed)  - $2550 


Put down a 25% deposit to reserve your spot!



Space is limited to 20 participants. 


Payment plans available. 


Questions? Email our retreat manager, Hannah at


Tier 2 Pricing- November 1st - February 17th

Triple occupancy- $2,100

Double - $2,300

Single  - $2,700 





About Your Guides 

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.03.28 PM.png

Dr. Cat Meyer

S/x, Sensuality, + Yoga 

Sex + Trauma Therapist 10+ years, Yoga Teacher for over 13+ years, + International Speaker, Dr Cat has led thousands of women calm the buzz of their nervous system, find the love of being in their bodies, and tapping into their sensuality.

Founder of SexLoveYoga, Host to Eat.Play.Sex Podcast, & co-creator of Un.done Yoga, she is dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality, our bodies, and what it means to be a woman.


Lena Ozea

Producer, Singer, Songwriter

Singer. Songwriter. Producer. DJ. Lena Ozea is the true embodiment of the what it means to be an artist. Her music is an intimate expression of her emotions through sound. Blending sultry vocals with sensual beats she hopes to break down barriers + connect with her listeners on a visceral level. Lena is passionate about using music and dance as healing tools as well as bringing awareness to women innovators in male dominated industries. Check out DJ mixes + releases on Soundcloud.

Travel Information 

Nearest airport: Cancun Airport (CUN)


The drive to Tulum is about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on traffic.  We can assist you with booking all flights and airport transportation.  

Transportation to and from CUN airport is not included, but we are happy book a group shuttle for you and other retreat guests. Email Hannah at to arrange.


Check-in is at 3 PM on February 18th. Opening circle begins at 6 PM. 


Booking Policy

By placing your deposit with us you are reserving a space on our retreat and agreeing to our policies stated in our AGREEMENT.  If cancellation takes place more that 75 days prior to your departure date than any payments made will be refunded minus your deposit.  If cancellation takes place less than 75 days prior to your departure then 100% of your trip price will be forfeited. To cancel your retreat you must notify Hannah (retreat manager) in writing at


All prices are per person, and all deposits are non-refundable.  Final payments are due 75 days prior to departure and will be charged to your card on file.


We highly encourage all of our guests to purchase “cancel for any reason” trip insurance to fully protect them from any cancelations or changes.


Sex Love Yoga reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary to our retreats.   In the rare case of cancellation on part of Sex Love Yoga , we will offer you a transfer to another retreat or a full refund.




"I still don't have proper words to describe the beautiful adventure that was my trip into the jungle. How do you boil down an experience like that into a few sentences/ I start to tell people I went on a yoga retreat to keep it simple but end up telling them I breathed and breathed until I cried and cried and laughed and cried and shook and writhed in my body until a deep mourning came from a place unknown and sobbed the deepest sob until it faded into nothing. We laughed and played and explored outside in the wild and the wild inside. We covered ourselves in bug poison and still got eaten. The sky poured out and so did our hearts. I feel so blessed to have been able to share almost a whole week with such amazing, inspiring, loving beautiful, sexy, wild women!"


"I just spent the past 7 days immersed in the deep jungle of Tulum with 20 women from all different backgrounds and from all over the globe, mainly in our underwear (100% humidity and mid 80's is NOT conducive to clothes wearing) and had never been more connected, free, supported, and loved. 

I have so much to say about this! but for now, I have so much gratitude for @sexloveyoga and @lenaozea for creating the most EPIC space for us women to come undone, and all of the sisters who lifted each other up."


"I feel I read a lot, watched a lot of videos, and attended a lot of workshops, and retreats, but this is the first time I actually landed something on a deep emotional level."


"It's hard to fully put into words what transpired for me and all 17 of my fellow sisters during our all women's rewilding retreat deep in the jungle of Tulum, Mexico. I have always been pretty liberated within my own sexuality but I danced in the shadows of shame and darkness around being super sexual and not knowing how to channel that energy for healing or creative expression for most of my life. This retreat was about reclaiming and fully owning our sexuality, finding our voices, unconditionally loving ALL parts of ourselves, embracing the dark and the light without shame or judgement, getting silly, weird, and playfulAF, learning all about pleasure practices, reconnecting to our wombs, and yonis, and tapping into our inner truth and power. It was a FUCK YES in my body from the start and I'm so incredibly grateful that I listened to my intuition on this one and signed up."


"Words cannot describe such beautiful transformation all thanks to these lovely and ingenious women who created a one of a kind immersive retreat in the Mayan jungle. I credit major changes in my mind-body connection to the three of you (and lovely ladies at the retreat with us). You'll be with me daily. See you all again next year!"


"To be able to witness the sheer rawness, vulnerability, and deep connection that ensured between all of us was such a blessing that i will forever cherish in the depths of my womb. I have been calling in a goddess tribe for sometime now, craving deep connections with badass, empowered sisters that own their sexuality and are liberated AF. After this week I can truly say that I have come home.

I want to thank and honor the two women that led this retreat, @sexloveyoga and @lenaozea for holding such beautiful, safe, sacred space and for being the fierce AF fully embodied QUEENS that they are. You are both my inspirations."


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