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Dr. Cat Meyer

Teacher of Yoga & Sensuality

Sex Therapist & International Yoga Teacher for over 11+ years, Dr Cat has led thousands of women calm the buzz of their nervous system, find the love of being in their bodies, and tapping into their sensuality.

Founder of SexLoveYoga, Host to Eat.Play.Sex Podcast, & co-creator of Goddess Celebration, she is dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality, our bodies, and what it means to be a woman.


Lena Ozea

Producer, Singer, Songwriter

Singer. Songwriter. Producer. DJ. Lena Ozea is the true embodiment of the what it means to be an artist. Her music is an intimate expression of her emotions through sound. Blending sultry vocals with sensual beats she hopes to break down barriers and connect with her listeners on a visceral level. Lena is passionate about using music and dance as healing tools as well as bringing awareness to women innovators in male dominated industries. She plans to release new music this fall. Check out DJ mixes and past releases on Soundcloud.

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