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Un.done: Reborn

Down we submerge ourselves into the thick of the feeling 

Untangling the beliefs that have prevented us from healing.

And as we emerge, the old stories that were worn

Fall away from our being as we step forward, reborn. 

This is the recording of our LIVE Un.done class on October 24th. Click the folder icon to open to the files.

You have access to this video + audio because you purchased the class.

It's our hope that you continue to nurture your body through movement + expression often.

We hope to see you again! 

In love + play,

Cat + Lena

Want to live the delicious life?


A regular Sunday practice of sensuality will make blissful waves to start your journey in falling in love with your body. Don’t stop here! I've got exactly what you need to amplify your experience of pleasure in your bones.

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